Patient Reviews

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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

I won't go without them. They are the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take out at night. I can hear the TV perfectly. My husband likes my hearing aids as much as I do.

Lois G

These are much better than my previous hearing aids. I’ve talked to others and I think these are the best. I’ve enjoyed having them.

Mable E.

I am so happy I can HEAR.  The old ones did not hold a candle to these. Thank you, the new hearing aids work and are easy to wear.

Shirley P.

Speech was so much better for me because I had a better understanding with these hearing aids and I have worn hearing aids now for 6 years. I always had trouble with consonants, like c’s and t’s if I was listening to a show like Wheel of Fortune, but now I can understand those so that is a huge plus for me.

Texie C.

Finally having the volume on the TV normal for my wife is pretty cool. And to stream the TV sound wirelessly, without having a cord hanging over me, feels very free and natural for me.

Steve E.