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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Dawn and Debbie

Dawn thought her hearing loss only affected herself, so put off getting help. Then she realized her family was affected, too.


See what made Todd change his opinion about hearing aids and why he regrets he didn’t change it sooner.

Jim and Carol

Jim didn’t want to wear hearing aids because he thought the technology was “old”. He changed his mind when he heard how much hearing aid technology has changed.

Terry Testimonial – Tinnitus Treatment Solution

Hear what wearers have to say about our new Tinnitus Treatment Solution.

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We are rated 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 94 reviews on Google.

Read what some of our patients have to say about our staff and our office!

I totally like going to them because I’m treated like a friend not a patient,everything is explained and I’m always asked how the hearing aids are operating or if they’re is a problem and I’m told to call anytime I have a problem.

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Kay Nosekabel, on Google

The doctor knew what he was doing and was able to explain and show his understanding throughout the appointment. It was really cool to be able to see inside the ear with the little tv he had.

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Gary Datus, on Google

I was very impressed with the way I was tested. I'm surprised at how different hearing aids are now. So small, but I'm sure they will be able to help. I really like the way I was treated and heard! Thanks HHC! 7-21-23; My hearing aids were adjusted for me today. I recommend Hearing Health Center to anyone needing help with hearing. They are very good and care about their customer/patient. They will have you let them know if you need help with your hearing aids! Thank you HHC!🙂

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Tona Wasson, on Google

Jordyn was very helpful and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and made choosing the right hearing aids easy! Thank you Jordyn!

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Mark Bartholomew, on Google

My husband has received excellent care from the friendly staff for around 8 years. There is no sale pressure, only an honest review of the hearing test results with recommendations for solutions. We highly recommend them!

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D. M., on Google

I couldn't hear well. I read lips. I had been to hearing doctor's and had hearing aids but still couldn't hear well still had to read lips. Then I went to Hearing Healthcare Center. I got new hearing aids and I can hear every little thing. I didnt even know when i open my car door it would make a dinging noise. I would highly recommend Hearing Healthcare Center to people.

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Sherry Ely, on Google

Super nice and very honest people!

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Arlan Blazek, on Google

Been very helpful showing and explaining everything to help me enjoy and get the best out of my hearing aids!!!

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Charlene Stuber, on Google

The new office is beautiful! Located in front of the Walmart parking lot next to Maurice's

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Jordyn Schnabel, on Google

Great service and I can always get an appointment when I need it. Very knowledgeable staff.

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Eileen Peterson, on Google

I really like Hearing Healthcare. Tim answers all my questions. No matter how many times I ask. He checks everything out, and shows me on the computer. Today I told him I was having issues healing with the landline at work. He did adjustments and now I can hear better. He cleans and changes the speakers.

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Jodie Holm, on Google

When I bought the hearing aids I was uncomfortable with them but then we had our first visit at the office so I brought my questions played a song found the sounds that needed adjustment these aids are incredibly adjustable the people there are incredible knowledgeable and helpful 6 months have gone by I wear them almost every day they are incredible in my machine I can block out machine noise and listen to music tv is the same I can understand and hear without turning the TV up so loud I think it's incredible how different sounds are adjustable I can barely hear in my left ear and some tones that I can't hear and these hearing aids bring them into perfect focus I think people are awesome and the follow up appointments are great thank you !

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Gene Vontersch, on Google

My experience with HEARING HEALTHCARE was exceptional ! Everyone of the employees were helpful, considerate, & so pleasant. All of them were knowledgeable & able to answer all my questions.

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Susan Meseck, on Google

As always my experience was a joy. Tim has a great personality and is very knowledgeable in what he is doing.

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I have had my new Livio Edge AI’s for a year and they are the best I have ever had. The first hour I had them I was in a restaurant and noticed I could hear the person across from me clearly without alot of background noise. I also appreciate the service Tim gives me and his kindness.

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Nancy Spencer, on Google

No complaints, very informative and I believe wanting to help with whatever situation that may occur.

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Doug Mumm, on Google

My husband got his new ear about a week ago. Best thing he has done it a while so far he loves them, He said it's kind of hard getting them in. But he is sure it will get easier with time. He can hear!!!!

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Doris Ledford, on Google

Great service. Just don't like the expense or the way my aids work, in and out volume.

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Marti Usher, on Google

Finally having the volume on the TV normal for my wife is pretty cool. And to stream the TV sound wirelessly, without having a cord hanging over me, feels very free and natural for me.

Steve E.

Speech was so much better for me because I had a better understanding with these hearing aids and I have worn hearing aids now for 6 years. I always had trouble with consonants, like c’s and t’s if I was listening to a show like Wheel of Fortune, but now I can understand those so that is a huge plus for me.

Texie C.

I am so happy I can HEAR. The old ones did not hold a candle to these. Thank you, the new hearing aids work and are easy to wear.

Shirley P.

These are much better than my previous hearing aids. I’ve talked to others and I think these are the best. I’ve enjoyed having them.

Mable E.

I won’t go without them. They are the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take out at night. I can hear the TV perfectly. My husband likes my hearing aids as much as I do.

Lois G

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