Special Events and Open Houses

Special Events and Open Houses



Hearing Aid Expert to Visit

Will be in our office on: 


Harlan, IA - January 9th - 10th

Call (712) 243-2422 to schedule your appointment!

During this special event, we will be offering the following FREE OF CHARGE:

1. Complete electronic hearing test by our licensed hearing professional.

2. You can see your ear on a TV screen with the use of a video camera. Your problem may just be wax.

3. Try NuEar’s Circa AI hearing technology.
      • Best-sounding, best-performing hearing aid
      • Track brain and body health via the new Thrive® Hearing App
      • Bluetooth smartphone streaming
      • Built-in language translation
      • Remote hearing aid adjustments without an office visit

4. If you currently wear hearing aids, we will clean and check them at no charge during your office visit.


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